Why is it important to wash your face?


The first step in any skin care regimen is washing the face. After all, clean skin is healthy skin. It is important to remove oil, dirt, debris, makeup, or sunscreen that has accumulated on the skin for proper skin health. Also, when the skin is clean products penetrate better and are more effective.

What is the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body?

The Clarisonic Pro Face and Body is an outstanding product for cleansing the skin and can be added to any skin care regimen.

Why use the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body?

The Clarisonic Pro Face and Body removes oil, dirt, debris, makeup, and sunscreen six times more effectively than manual washing. The gentle micro-massage loosens dirt and debris that builds up on the skin, leading to cleaner and healthier skin. And it reduces signs of photo-aging. Add the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body to your skin care regimen twice daily for healthy and youthful appearing skin.

How is the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body used?

First wet the skin and apply the facewash product of your choice. Press the start button on the Clarisonic to start and use a gentle circular motion over the skin surface.

How often should I use the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body?

Washing the skin is the first step in any skin care regimen. A typical regimen is performed twice daily so use the Clarisonic Pro twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

How often should I change the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body brush heads?

Change the Clarisonic Pro brush heads every three to six months.

What are the features of the Clarisonic Pro Face and Body?

  • Washes the face in just one minute
  • Can be used with any facewash product
  • Waterproof – take it in the shower
  • Four speeds to adjust to your comfort level
  • Comes with a large body brush head for head to toe cleansing
  • Comes with a cradle and extension to clean the hard to reach areas like the back.

What is the difference between Clarisonic Pro Face and Body and other models?

  • It has a Pro speed in addition to low, normal, and high speeds
  • It comes with a large brush head and extension handle designed specifically for the body which has two modes: normal and pulse
  • It comes with an additional year of warranty

What are the different brush heads that are available for the Clarisonic Pro?

There are several brush heads to choose from for the Clarisonic Pro. In addition to the normal brush head and the larger sized body brush head there are deep pore, sensitive, delicate, and acne. The most aggressive is the deep pore, which is good for oily skin and large pores. The sensitive brush head is for those with normal to sensitive skin. The delicate brush head is extra gentle for ultra- sensitive skin. The softest of all is the acne brush head which is great for those with acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin.

How is the Clarisonic Pro timer used?

  1. 20 seconds – forehead
  2. 20 seconds – nose, lips, and chin
  3. 10 seconds – one cheek
  4. 10 seconds – the other cheek

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