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I Didn’t Get the Right Reaction from My Red Carpet Peel

Did your skin not react to a Red Carpet Peel? There are a lot of important things to understanding when thinking about this question. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Red Carpet Peel?

A Red Carpet Peel is a simple treatment done in the office to rejuvenate your skin. A special peeling solution is carefully applied to your skin. Over the next few days, the surface layers of your skin will slowly exfoliate leaving fresh and healthy skin. A Red Carpet Peel will significantly improve any rough or irregular texture of the skin, which is why it works well for conditions like acne. It will also help with dark spots or uneven color. And it will help tighten your skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles.

What should I expect after a Red Carpet Peel?

After a Red Carpet Peel your skin will likely feel dry and tight. We provide you with special products to use to keep your skin moist and hydrated. Sometimes you’ll see dark spots get darker before they get lighter. Sometimes you’ll see visible peeling. But depending on your skin and the peeling solution that was used, you may not see this. If you do see visible peeling, don’t pick at it because it can lead to scarring. If you don’t see visible peeling, that’s ok because your skin is still exfoliating, but it’s microscopic.

Why don’t I see peeling?

 With some peeling solutions, you just don’t see as much peeling. That doesn’t mean it’s not working. What you really want to see is results, or improvement in your skin. You’ll see this by looking at your before and after pictures. You’ll want a series of at least six treatments done about once a month for best results. So be patient. You’ll also get even more improvement if you combine your Red Carpet Peel treatments with a good skin care regimen. It’s also important to understand that the first peel is going to be light to get your skin adjusted to the treatment and to avoid side effects like burns or discolorations. If your healing is ok, then you can go stronger on the next peel. The strength is determined by the type of peeling solution and the number of layers applied to your skin. Regardless of whether or not you see visible peeling, it’s important to be patient, follow the aftercare instructions, and look at your before and after pictures to see your results.

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