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Get Yourself Ready for Summer

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get your skin and body ready for the summer. Summer brings warm months and that means vacations, spending more time outdoors, and swimsuit season. The Covid pandemic is starting get under control with case numbers going down and more and more people getting vaccinated. This means we may finally be able to do these kinds of things again. Here are some great ways you can get yourself ready for the summer.


sunscreen is always the most important part of a skin care regimen. Dr. Alex always tells his patients that if you’re only going to use one product, make it sunscreen. sunscreen will protect your skin against damage from the sun that causes wrinkles, dark spots, and loose skin. Be sure to apply sunscreen every day, year-round. Dr. Alex recommends a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Make sure it has broad spectrum (or UVA and UVB) protection; this will protect against both the aging rays and the burning rays. Check out the sunscreens we have available on our online store.

Laser skin tightening

Do you have loose skin on your face or body? If so, laser skin tightening is the perfect treatment. Laser skin tightening is the perfect treatment to firm your skin and make it look great. It can be done anywhere on the body. The face and neck are usually the most common areas treated with laser skin tightening. But as people are getting ready for the summer, body areas are treated regularly. You can tighten your belly and thighs, and even have a treatment on your butt to lift and firm the area. Laser skin tightening is a painless treatment with zero downtime. Laser skin tightening uses gentle micro-pulses of infrared light to slowly and gently heat the deeper layers of your skin. This stimulates your body to form new, fresh, and healthy collagen to tighten and firm your skin. Dr. Alex recommends a series of six laser skin tightening treatments done every two to four weeks. After that, Dr. Alex recommends a maintenance laser skin tightening treatment once every three months to keep your skin looking flawless.

Laser leg vein treatment

Do you have pesky leg veins that make you self-conscious and prevent you from wearing short skirts? Lasers can also be used for leg vein treatments. The laser leg vein treatment is a simple treatment that uses a laser to target the blood in the veins, making them disappear. You don’t have to wear compression garments like you do with injections (sclerotherapy) and you can resume your normal activities right away. It can take up to three laser leg vein treatments (or sometimes more) to completely get rid of those leg veins. Dr. Alex recommends having laser leg vein treatments once every two to three months. The best part is that the results are permanent so you won’t need maintenance laser leg vein treatments, although you may get new ones in other areas, which happens normally over time.

Qwo for Cellulite

We are excited to soon be offering a new treatment for cellulite. Cellulite is the appearance of dimpled skin. It is seen most commonly on the buttocks and thighs and is much more common in women that in men. In fact, approximately 90% of adult women in the United States have cellulite. Over time, you lose collagen in the skin on your face and body. This makes your skin less firm, allowing for the appearance of an uneven texture on your skin surface. At the same time, the fibrous bands in the fat layer that connect your skin with your muscles can get thick and firm. This pulls down on your skin, creating dimples or cellulite. Qwo is the first and thus-far only FDA-approved, non-surgical, injectable treatment for cellulite. Qwo uses an enzyme to break down those fibrous bands under your skin. Over a series of three treatments spaced every six to eight weeks, your skin will get smoother.

Although your body changes over time, there are many things you can do to keep it looking young and healthy.

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