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Dr. Alex Now Doing Clinical Trials

Dr. Alex is excited to announce that he is participating in clinical trials.


As you may or may not know, Dr. Alex has over a decade of experience in research. In the past, all of his research experience has been in a laboratory. In college he did research in nephrology as well as molecular biology. In medical school and graduate school Dr. Alex’s research focused on the skin. Dr. Alex’s dissertation in graduate school was on the topic of genetic changes that occur in aging skin and in skin cancer. Dr. Alex has had a passion for research for many years. This is because research is what teaches us how things work and what we can do to improve.

Clinical trials

A clinical trial is another form of research that directly involves patients. Clinical trials are done for drugs and devices before they are approved or cleared by the FDA to be used on patients. In aesthetics, clinical trials are performed on treatments such as Botox, fillers, and laser devices. Clinical trials are performed to make sure drugs and devices are safe and effective. Sometimes clinical trials are performed to see if a new product, treatment, or device works better than alternatives currently available. For example, clinical trials are currently being performed to see if there are alternatives to Botox that last longer. Before a clinical trial is performed on humans, it is tested in laboratory animals to make sure it’s safe and effective. If it is, then the research moves on to the clinical trial phase.

 Dr. Alex is currently participating in clinical trials for new fillers with Dr. John Joseph. Dr. Joseph is an expert in clinical trials in aesthetics and he has been involved with them for decades. Dr. Joseph is also a colleague, friend, and neighbor to Dr. Alex and the clinical trials are performed in the same building as our office. This makes everything very convenient. Currently, Dr. Alex is participating in clinical trials on new fillers. Dr. Alex acts as a blinder evaluator where he examines patients’ faces and gives the area of concern a score. This is done before and after the treatment. These scores are used to see how effective the product is. Dr. Alex is blinded, which means he doesn’t know which patients are receiving what treatment. Clinical trials take months and once the data is analyzed it is presented to the FDA for approval or clearance. Dr. Alex enjoys participating in clinical trials as it is a natural extension of his cosmetic practice.

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