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Getting Cosmetic Treatments after Vaccination

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone over the last year. Now the vaccines are available many people are excited and lining up to get them. This will certainly help protect people that are vaccinated as well as their friends and family with whom they interact.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has lasted so long, people still want to get their cosmetic treatments. It is therefore important to understand the interaction between vaccines and various cosmetic treatments.

Vaccines work by stimulating your body’s immune system to protect yourself from viruses and other diseases. When you receive a vaccine, it triggers an immune response in your body that includes inflammation. This sometimes leads to constitutional symptoms such as fevers, chills, and body aches. The inflammation sometimes causes your body to attack foreign substances such as fillers. This can also happen after an infection or dental procedures. There have been cases of people who have received the vaccine getting swelling in areas where they received fillers. Fortunately, there were very few cases and they all resolved. To prevent these types of reactions, Dr. Alex recommends waiting at least two weeks after receiving a vaccine before getting a filler treatment.

Although the main type of reaction after a vaccine has to do with fillers, there are other things that could happen. As mentioned above, vaccines sometimes make you feel sick. This is a normal response by your body and is usually temporary. Dr. Alex recommends avoiding any type of cosmetic treatment including Botox, Lasers, chemical peels, and fillers for at least a week after a vaccination. You should not receive cosmetic treatments in general if you are feeling sick. Although we all love our cosmetic treatments, your health and safety is always the top priority so it is important to understand interactions between vaccines and cosmetic treatments so that you can get your treatments and stay safe and healthy at the same time.

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