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How to Avoid Getting Duck Lips from a Filler Treatment

Let’s face it, no one wants to look like a duck after getting a filler treatment in their lips. At least not any more. It was only a few years ago when the person who had the biggest lips was the most attractive. But now things have changed and everyone wants to look natural. Well, it is possible to enhance the appearance of your lips while maintaining a natural look.

Go Slowly

The first and most important thing to remember when enhancing the appearance of your lips is to go slowly. Many people just go all out and get a large amount of filler placed in their lips. This can look obvious and unnatural. Instead, go slowly. Do one thing at a time. Try different things like the ones discussed below.

Start with a topical product

Many people don’t know that you can gain volume and fullness in your lips without even getting an injection. Topical products such as the A E Skin Green Tea Essentials Hydrating Lip Plumper can make a big difference. This is an easy product to use. You just apply it to your lips and you’ll see a fullness and redness in a few minutes. As a bonus, A E Skin Green Tea Essentials Hydrating Lip Plumper also has SPF. This is perfect just before a big event. The effects will last about six hours, but you can re-apply it as often as you like. If you use the A E Skin Green Tea Essentials Hydrating Lip Plumper every day, you’ll notice long-term improvement.

Try the Botox Lip Flip

The Botox Lip Flip is an easy treatment that is much less invasive than a filler treatment in your lips. The Botox Lip Flip treatment involves just a few injections and takes less than a minute. You have a round muscle that goes around your mouth. Over time, this muscle gets strong and makes your lips curl inward. The Botox Lip Flip treatment relaxes this muscle to give you a slight pout. The results of the Botox Lip Flip are very subtle and natural. This is the best treatment you can try before actually getting a filler placed in your lips.

Try the newest products that are soft

The active ingredient in fillers that are used for the lips is a sugar called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works by drawing water into the skin to restore volume. Traditional products such as Juvederm and Restylane have high concentrations of hyaluronic acid. This makes them bring in a lot of water into the lips. As a result, the lips can look too big and feel very firm. The newest products in the Juvederm collection use a technology called Vycross. The products for the lips that have the Vycross technology are Volbella and Vollure. With Vycross technology, the hyaluronic acid concentration is lower. This gives your lips a natural look, and they won’t be as firm. As a bonus, Volbella and Vollure last longer than traditional products, so you won’t need a maintenance treatment for a year or so.

Start with Volbella

As discussed above, Volbella and Vollure are the two products for the lips that have the Vycross technology, which gives a natural look with long-lasting results. The difference between Volbella and Vollure is the concentration of hyaluronic acid. Vollure has a slightly higher concentration of hyaluronic acid. This provides more volume, while still maintaining a natural look. Volbella, on the other hand, has a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid and gives a more subtle enhancement. It is a good idea to start with Volbella your first time to see how you like it. If you want more, you can get a little more of it or next time move up to Vollure.

Start with only a single syringe of product

As with anything, with fillers it’s always best to start slowly. Start with one syringe of product and see how it looks after about two weeks. At that time, you can add more. Although hyaluronic acid-based fillers can be dissolved, it’s always easier to add more than take it away.

Look at your injectors before and after pictures

The best thing you can do before your treatment is look at your injectors before and after pictures specifically for the lips. Do they all look overdone? Are there ones that look natural? Would you be happy with these kinds of results? If so, then it’s likely a good fit. Keep in mind that many doctors have different before and after pictures, some with more volume than others. This is because different people have different desires and they offer options for everyone.

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