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Benefits of a Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial

What do you think of when you think about having younger looking skin? Most patients want to remove clear signs of aging, like dark or reddening spots and roughness, as well as acne scars and loose pockets of skin. When you’re ready to give your face new life and a more vibrant appearance, talk to Dr. Alex at A E Skin in Encino, CA about a skin care treatment called a Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial.

What Is Photofacial Skin Care?
A Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial is a skin treatment that uses beams of light energy to balance the color of the skin and remove signs of sun damage. BBL stands for (BroadBand Light). It can eliminate sun spots, redness and discoloration, unwanted freckles, and unsightly capillaries that show on the skin. Heat from the light tool causes the cells to create new collagen in the skin and minimizes the appearance of vessels that make the skin look red. Special care is taken to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

Benefits of this Skin Care Treatment
Whenever possible, patients want to explore ways of tightening and brightening up their skin, and getting rid of unattractive features without having to go under the knife. That’s one of the most significant benefits of choosing a Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial. A numbing cream is applied to the skin along with a burst of cold air that helps ease discomfort while your doctor waves the light tool over the skin. The visit will likely be between 30 minutes to an hour long. Also, keep in mind that other areas of your body besides your face can also be treated, including the hands, neck, and chest.

Photofacial Aftercare
There’s no need to take time off from work or school after a Photofacial treatment with your Encino, CA skin care doctor, but you will have to take precautions to protect your skin as it heals. Avoid exposure to heat, use sunscreen, take a break from exercise, and avoid alcohol for at least a day. Wait a few days for swelling and redness to subside.

Forever Young with Modern Facial Treatments
The staff at A E Skin in Encino, CA can offer you a wide range of modern facial treatments, including Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial. Call (818) 835-1833 today to schedule an initial skin care consultation with Dr. Alex.

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