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New Laser Pain Treatment


Lasers are routinely used to address cosmetic concerns. Now we have a new application: pain.

What laser is used for pain?

We use the Sciton SkinTyte II laser to treat pain. This uses gentle micro-pulses of red and infrared light. The light heats up the deeper layers of the skin. For cosmetic purposes, this stimulates the skin to form its own natural, new, fresh and healthy collagen to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. It also heats deeper tissues such as muscles, fat, and bone. When these tissues are injured the area becomes inflamed and swollen. The swelling and inflammation puts pressure on the surrounding areas which causes pain. The deep heating from the laser pain treatment stimulates blood flow to the area. This allows for faster healing and a decrease in the inflammation, and this decreases the pain.

How long is the laser pain treatment?

The laser pain treatment takes about five to ten minutes depending on the size of the area. The treatment is very comfortable and you won’t need any numbing cream. The laser slowly and gently heats the area. In general, a significant improvement in the level of the pain is noticed immediately after the treatment. It also decreases the requirement for oral pain medications. When joints are treated, people notice an increase in range of motion. For example, when a should is treated, after the treatment patients are able to lift their arms higher than they did before the treatment. When knees are treated patients are able to walk without pain.

How many laser pain treatments do I need?

Depending on the person, the pain, and the possible injury multiple treatments may be required. For minor soreness from exercise, sometimes a single session will be enough. For injuries often times a series of six weekly treatments are recommended. For chronic pain most people start with a series of six weekly treatments followed by one treatment every one to three months.


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