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New A E Skin Hydrating Mask


We are excited to announce the launch of the new A E Skin Hydrating Mask. The A E Skin Hydrating Mask is an outstanding product that can be used at home on a regular basis.

Dry skin is a very common concern. It is important to keep the skin hydrated because about two thirds of the skin is made up of water. If there is not enough water in the skin, it becomes dry and brittle, and it cannot perform its appropriate barrier functions. There are three steps in keeping the skin hydrated. The first is drinking enough water. If there isn’t enough water in the body, then there won’t be enough in the skin. Dr. Alex recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. The second step is bringing the water into the skin. Topical products such as hyaluronic acid, called humectants, draw water into the skin and are outstanding for this purpose. The third and final step is trapping the water in the skin so that it does not evaporate. Since the skin is in constant contact with the air, it is very easy for the water in the skin to evaporate. We use moisturizers or emollients to keep the water in the skin.

The A E Skin Hydrating Mask promotes hydration of the skin, making it feel soft and healthy and providing a radiant glow. It contains two forms of hyaluronic acid to draw water into the skin. It also contains a number of other ingredients with further benefits. The A E Skin Hydrating Mask contains aloe, which serves to calm down sensitive or irritated skin. This makes it perfect for applying after certain laser treatments such as the Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial or Ultra Microneedling. The A E Skin Hydrating Mask also contains arnica, a natural product that decreases inflammation, swelling, and bruising in the skin. In addition, the A E Skin Hydrating Mask contains extracts from a variety of fruits including blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and apple. This provides high levels of antioxidants to protect the skin. Finally, the A E Skin Hydrating Mask contains niacinamide, a vitamin B2 derivative that decreases redness in the skin and is particularly useful for those with rosacea.

The A E Skin Hydrating Mask is easy to use. First wash the skin and pad it dry. Remove the A E Skin Hydrating Mask from the container and apply it onto the skin. There are two parts, one for the upper face and another for the lower face. The part for the upper face has two holes for the eyes and goes from the forehead down to the tip of the nose, allowing the nostrils to be uncovered. The part for the lower face has a hole for the mouth. Be careful when applying the mask because it is slippery. Adjust the A E Skin Hydrating Mask to gently and smoothly fit the curves of your face. Leave the A E Skin Hydrating Mask on your skin for at least ten minutes. Some people leave A E Skin Hydrating Mask on for 30-60 minutes for further hydration. Dr. Alex recommends applying the A E Skin Hydrating Mask once per week. Some people prefer to apply the A E Skin Hydrating Mask every day, which is even better.



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