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A E Skin Sunscreen - Encino, CA

By popular demand, A E Skin is now happy to offer our very own sunscreen. The A E Skin Sunscreen is a mineral tinted sunscreen. The soft texture makes it feel like silk, a perfect primer before makeup. The tint also serves as a foundation that works well for most skin tones. The A E Skin Sunscreen is also water resistant for 80 minutes, which means you can take it with you to the pool or the beach. It comes in a 1.9 ounce elegant pump container.

The active ingredients in the sunscreen are physical blockers: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The A E Skin Sunscreen was intentionally developed without chemical components such as octinoxate to avoid the possibility of irritation or allergic reactions. Zinc and titanium have quickly become the most popular ingredients in sunscreens for a number of reasons. First, these are physical blockers, which means they reflect the light. Chemical sunblocks absorb the light; they need to be applied 30 minutes prior to sun exposure for full effect. With zinc and titanium as in the A E Skin Sunscreen, you can put on your sunscreen and go out right away. Second, zinc and titanium optimally protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, which damage the skin in different ways. UVA rays are thought of as aging rays, which lead to wrinkles, broken capillaries, and sun spots. UVB rays are what we call burning rays, they lead to sunburns. When sunscreen contains these two components it is called broad spectrum, the best type of protection available.

Visit our office to try out the new A E Skin Sunscreen; it is quickly becoming one of our most popular products. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex in our Encino, CA office.

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