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Treating Bruises from Injections - Encino, CA

Injectable treatments such as BotoxJuvedermRestylaneRadiesse, and Voluma are outstanding to address various signs of aging and for facial rejuvenation. For this reason they are some of the most common treatments we perform at our Encino, CA office at A E Skin. But any time you have such a treatment, there are risks such as bruising.

What causes bruising from Botox?

Treatments such as BotoxJuvedermRestylaneRadiesse, and Voluma (and now Kybella for the double chin) use needles to inject products into the skin. The skin contains a variety of different tissues including small blood vessels. If the needle passes through a blood vessel, the blood can come out of the vein or capillary and leak into the surrounding skin, leading to the appearance of a bruise.

How can I prevent getting a bruise after a Botox treatment?

Since the tiny blood vessels in the skin are microscopic, injectors cannot see them when performing BotoxJuvedermRestylaneRadiesse, or Volumatreatments. So unfortunately it is impossible to completely prevent bruising after these treatments. There are some things we can do to minimize the risk of bruising. We recommend stopping the use of blood thinners such as aspirin for a few days before and after your treatment. At A E Skin in Encino, CA we use cold air during our Botox treatments which serves two purposes: it increases your comfort and it decreases the risk of bruising. We also provide complimentary ice packs to all patients receiving BotoxJuvedermRestylaneRadiesse, and Voluma. Applying a cold compress such as an ice pack after these treatments will also decrease the risk of bruising.

How long does a bruise from a Botox injection last?

Bruises from injections with treatments including BotoxJuvedermRestylaneRadiesse, and Voluma can last up to two weeks, or sometimes longer. This depends on the size of the bruise and the individual. Small bruises will go away faster. Some people recover from bruises more quickly than others.

Can bruises be treated?

Yes, bruises can be treated with lasers. Dr. Alex has done thousands of laser treatments using lasers for bruising, dark spots, redness, leg veins, skin tightening, toenail fungus, and more. The treatment of a bruise is simple and takes less than one minute. The laser is applied to the bruise and a few pulses are all that is required. The light from the laser is absorbed by the blood, destroying the bruise. The treatment is comfortable and patients tolerate it very well. Usually the bruise is significantly better if not completely resolved in 24 hours. At A E Skin in Encino, CA, we treat all bruises for free; all you have to do is call us to let us know you are coming in for a treatment, no appointment necessary. This is one of the extra things we offer to make our patients enjoy their experience.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Alex in our Encino, CA office. At A E Skin, we participate in the Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Program, where you get points for purchasing BotoxJuvedermVolumaKybellaLatisse, and the SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum. You can use these points and get discounts on future purchases.

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