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Correcting Fillers - Encino, CA

Fillers are used to restore volume to various parts of the face. Some fillers can be corrected. Filler correction is a service available at A E Skin in Encino, CA.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin that binds 1,000 times its weight in water. It is the active ingredient in many fillers such as JuvédermRestylaneBelotero, and Voluma. Some other fillers such as RadiesseSculptra, and Belafill contain different active ingredients.

Why do fillers need to be corrected?

Sometimes too much filler is injected in an area. Sometimes a lump is left from the filler not completely smoothened out. The most important is when the filler is injected into an artery. This is an emergency because it can lead to death of the skin (necrosis), scar formation, or even blindness, depending on where it is injected. Depending on the filler, this can be corrected.

How are fillers corrected?

Fillers are corrected by injecting a material called hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid, the active ingredient in many fillers.

Which fillers can be corrected?

The fillers that can be corrected are those made of hyaluronic acid. These are JuvédermRestylaneBelotero, and Voluma. The hyaluronidase breaks down the hyaluronic acid and corrects the filler. Since hyaluronidase only dissolves hyaluronic acid, fillers such as RadiesseSculptra, and Belafill cannot be corrected.

What fillers are the safest?

The safety level is higher with the hyaluronic acid fillers: JuvédermRestylaneBelotero, and Voluma. This is the reason why at A E Skin we exclusively use hyaluronic acid fillers. Dr. Alex has extensive training and experience in injectable and other cosmetic treatments. In Dr. Alex's experience of over 1,000 injectable treatments we have never had an emergency case and have only corrected one lump that was left over after a treatment.

At A E Skin patient safety is our number one priority which is why Dr. Alex does all of the treatments and why we use the safest fillers available. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex at our Encino, CA office.

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