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Voluma to Define the Jawline

Attention to the appearance of the lower face has become more common over the past few years. In the past much focus was given on treating wrinkles and volume loss in the upper face and mid-face. Now people are taking many pictures on their telephones where the lower face and neck are noticeable. Fortunately, we have treatments to address concerns in this area. Here we discuss how Voluma can be used to define the jawline.

What is jawline definition?

The lower portion of the bone in the lower face defines the jawline. This line distinguishes the border between the lower face and the neck. Ideally, there is a sharp jawline that is noticeable. However, due to various factors such as age, weight gain, and genetics many people lose this jawline definition. Instead of seeing a sharp line at the lower jaw, for some people the lower face blends into the neck and can make them look older or overweight. This is particularly true since so many people take selfie pictures of their profiles.

What is Voluma?

Voluma is a dermal filler in the Juvederm collection that is used to restore lost volume to the face and other areas. The active ingredient in Voluma is called hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the skin that binds 1,000 times its weight in water. It draws water into the skin to provide the volume. Voluma has a high level of hyaluronic acid making it great to volumize area where structural support is important such as the jawline, upper cheeks, temples, and chin. Voluma is long-lasting and safe. Many people enjoy their results for two years or even longer. Voluma can be reversed in case of an adverse event or if the results are not what you want.

How is Voluma used to define the jawline?

Voluma is a filler that can add volume to the lower portion of the jawbone, making it appear more defined. Voluma can be placed on any portion of the jawbone, from the tip of the chin to the angle of the bone below the ears. When placed at the outer edge of the bone and along the bone Voluma will pull the skin outward and back. This provides a sharp definition between the lower face and the upper neck. It also helps address the appearance of loose skin and jowls in the lower face.

What else can be used for jawline definition in addition to Voluma?

Botox can be used in what is called the Nefertiti neck lift to relax the muscle in the upper neck. When this muscle contracts (or even at rest) it pulls down on the lower face. When the muscle is relaxed with Botox the lower face becomes lifted and provides further jawline definition. Kybella is a treatment to naturally eliminate the fat below the chin. Getting rid of this fat provides a beautiful improvement on the jawline. Finally, laser skin tightening above and below the jawline on the neck and lower face will tighten the skin and help further improve the jawline definition. The best results are seen when a combination of these treatments are done.

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