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Get Social with A E Skin

Social media has become increasingly popular over the last few years. At A E Skin we have ramped up our social media marketing efforts to stay in touch with our patients, provide them with information about products and services, offer behind-the-scenes videos of our day to day operations, and have fun.


FacebookFacebook is the largest social media platform and has been around the longest. We have over 1,000 followers on Facebook and we post multiple times per day. We provide information on new products and services and many photographs and videos. Patients love the before and after photographs as well as video demonstrations. We are also able to interact with our patients with direct messages and comments. We have recently started posting videos on Facebook live. These videos are exclusively seen on Facebook and are typically longer (10 minutes or more). They are designed to educate patients and demonstrate what happens in real time.


Instagram has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. We now post photographs and videos multiple times per day. It allows for a high level of interaction as people can like the posts and make comments or ask questions. A recent addition is Instagram Stories, which allows for you to see what we are doing almost in real time. We include the question of the day from Snapchat (see below) in our InstagramStory.


SnapchatSnapchat is the newest social media platform. This allows us to connect with our patients directly through photographs and videos. We have a lot of patients who ask questions directly on Snapchat and have therefore designed the Question of the Day. Every day Dr. Alex personally answers a question from our patients. This is included in our Snapchat Story and also transferred to out Instagram Story. Videos on Snapchat are short (maximum 10 seconds), allowing for brief clips of what we do. We try to include as many video demonstrations as possible. We also welcome your feedback. We want to know what you want to see so we can provide it for you.

You Tube

You Tube is the world’s largest video social media platform and video search engine. On our You Tubechannel we have over 200 videos for you to view. These include demonstrations, before and after photographs, informational videos, video testimonials, and more.


YelpYelp is a popular online community where people can write about their experiences at various businesses. We have over 100 Yelpreviews with many satisfied patients, as indicated by our five star rating. We are proud to have so many satisfied patients. The Yelp platform also offers an opportunity for feedback so that we can further improve.

Real Self

Real Self is an online community where people from around the world can learn about cosmetic procedures. It includes a question and answer portion where people can ask questions about different treatments and doctors from around the world will answer the questions. Dr. Alex regularly answers question on various topics and has answered over 1,000 questions thus far. We are also able to showcase our before and after photographs as well as a number of videos.


We have a large list of people on our e-mail list. Each week we send e-mails to our patients to inform them of exclusive promotions and other news. We also inform our patients of new treatments and products and include photographs, demonstration videos, and testimonials.

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TwitterTwitter is another social media platform which allows us to communicate in brief posts. It allows for direct communication including questions and feedback. Now we are able to include photographs and videos on our Twitter feed. We have Twitter updates multiple times per day.


Dr. Alex has had a weekly blog post for over five years. Each week he discusses one topic. Topics include treatments, products, events, news, etc. This is an example of a blog post. The blog can be searched for information on various topics and the blog is located on our website.

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