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The Aesthetic Academy 2016

Dr. Alex attended The Aesthetic Academy in Irvine October 15-16, 2016. The Aesthetic Academy is a smaller and regional version of the annual Aesthetic Show. This conference was another opportunity for Dr. Alex to learn about new techniques, products, and device in aesthetics. The conference was held at the Irvine Marriott hotel, which happens to be a couple of blocks from the Allergan corporate office (makers of BotoxJuvedermVolumaLatisseKybella, and now Volbella). Dr. Alex had a chance to visit the office the day prior to the conference. This year A E Skin was honored to be nominated for Best Aesthetic Practice.  Dr. Alex had the opportunity to participate in the injectable course, a full day training session designed for doctors and nurses to improve their skills. The morning session included lectures on various topics such as preventing Botox complications, using fillers for facial rejuvenation, and new injectables such as Kybella to treat fullness in the neck. Expert speakers from around the country included Dr. Andrew Ordon of the hit television show The Doctors, Dr. Jason Emer, and Dr. Monica Banakdar. The afternoon session allowed Dr. Alex to observe live injections by these experts. Dr. Alex learned new and different techniques to improve outcomes, decrease pain, and minimize side effects. One of the new and exciting injectable treatments Dr. Alex learned about is the off label use of Kybella, an injection originially done in the neck to dissolve fat and reduce the fullness in the neck. Many patients hae asked if Kybella can be used elsewhere and Dr. Alex will be using it for bra fat soon. Other new and exciting treatments include skin tightening, non-invasive body contouring, tattoo removal, cellulite treatment, and feminine rejuvenation. Dr. Alex makes significant efforts to attend conferences regularly to learn about the newest techniques and devices in order to provide his patients with the best outcomes. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

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