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Dr. Alex's Ultherapy Technique for Best Results

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the new non-surgical facelift alternative now available at A E Skin.

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy works using ultrasound technology, the same technology used to visualize the bellies of expectant mothers. But with Ultherapy there are three beams of ultrasound: one to visualize the skin and two more to focus the energy. The ultrasound in Ultherapy is used to deliver focused and targeted energy to form new, fresh, and healthy collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Because the ultrasound gives Dr. Alex the ability to see the layers of the skin, he is able to target different layers of skin without affecting the surface layers. These are the same layers of the skin that are treated with a surgical facelift, but instead of putting a big surgical bandage on the skin as in surgery, with Ultherapy we stimulate the body to naturally produce collagen, so you never get a result that looks unnatural. Most people do only one Ultherapy treatment. Results of an Ultherapy treatment are seen approximately three to six months after the treatment and most people enjoy their Ultherapy results for a few years. Recovery after an Ultherapy treatment is usually very easy; most people resume their normal activities right away.

What is an Ultherapy transducer?

The transducer on the Ultherapy device is the part of the handpiece that makes contact with the skin. Importantly, Ultherapy transducers allow Dr. Alex to target the ultrasound energy at different depths in the skin. There are three depths available: 4.5 mm, 3.0 mm, and 1.5 mm. The 1.5 mm transducer is optional for most areas that are treated.

What areas can be treated with Ultherapy?

Ultherapy can be used to tighten the skin anywhere from the forehead down to the upper chest. Trials are underway to test the safety and efficacy of Ultherapy in other areas. Dr. Alex recommends having an Ultherapytreatment on one or two areas at a time. This is because the treatment involves a lot including numbing for one hour, taking medications to keep you comfortable, and the ultrasound pulses itself. Areas include forehead (brow lift), crows feet (around the eyes), under-eyes, cheeks, lips, under the jaw (submental), lower neck, and chest.

Is Ultherapy the same in all offices?

This is a very common myth. Just because a certain office offers the Ultherapy technology does not mean the treatment and results are the same. Just like a haircut, it depends who is doing it. All hair stylists have scissors, but some are clearly better than others. Similarly, with Ultherapy, the person doing the treatment is an important factor. Is it a doctor, nurse, technician, assistant? What is the level of experience and expertise of the person doing the Ultherapy treatment? Does the person doing the Ultherapy treatment use basic techniques or more advanced techniques? Is the person familiar with the aesthetics of the face? Does the person do other aesthetic treatments such as BotoxJuvedermRestylane, Voluma, and laser treatments? At A E Skin, Dr. Alex performs all of the Ultherapytreatments himself. He has years of experience in cosmetics and has performed thousands of cosmetic treatments with many satisfied patients.

What is special about Dr. Alex's Ultherapy technique?

After being trained on Ultherapy by experts, Dr. Alex has used his expertise in cosmetics and laser surgery to make certain modifications when performing an Ultherapy treatment. First, Dr. Alex uses higher Ultherapy energy settings when doing the treatment. There are generally four Ultherapy energy settings with the default level of 2. Dr. Alexuses level 4 if the patient tolerates it. Most patients tolerate this Ultherapy setting because we numb the skin for one hour and provide medications to make our patients comfortable. Second, Dr. Alex always adds the optional 1.5 mm Ultherapy transducer because this focuses the energy in the surface layers of the skin as well as the deeper layers. With these modifications we have found that patients get better Ultherapy results. This type of Ultherapytreatment involves more time and more pulses of energy, and since the pricing depends on the number of pulses, the investment is slightly more. But the Ultherapy results you get at A E Skin make the investment worth it.

When can I have my Ultherapy treatment?

Dr. Alex does Ultherapy consultations every day and Ultherapy treatments are currently scheduled on Mondays. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

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