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Botox Brow Lift

Botox can be used to lift the brow in a treatment we call the Botox brow lift.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by relaxing muscles involved in facial expressions. When Botox is injected into the skin, the Botox will relax the skin and smoothen out the overlying wrinkles.

What muscles move the brow?

In order to understand how a Botox brow lift works, we need to understand how the brow moves up and down. There are many muscles in the face and a few the move the brow. There are two major motions of the brow: up and down. The muscle the moves the brow up is located directly above the brow on the forehead. It connects the brow with the front of the scalp just under the skin. When this muscle is relaxed it with Botox becomes more difficult to raise the brow. Therefore this is not the muscle to treat when lifting the brow. To pull the brow down we use muscles between the brow (as when frowning) and muscles at the corners of the brow (as when smiling). When these muscles are treated with Botox they become relaxes and we are not able to pull the brow down.

How does a Botox brow lift work?

The Botox brow lift works by relaxing the muscles that pull the brow down, allowing the other muscles to constantly raise the brow.

How much is the brow raised with a Botox brow lift?

The brow will be raised about 1 millimeter with a Botox brow lift. The result is subtle and natural.

When do you see results of a Botox brow lift?

Most people see the results of a Botox brow lift in three to seven days, but it could take two weeks to see complete results.

How long does a Botox brow lift last?

Most people enjoy the results of a Botox brow lift for three to four months.

How many units are used for a Botox brow lift?

Dr. Alex normally uses 12 units of Botox for a Botox brow lift in three four-unit injections: one four-unit Botox injection between the brow and one one four-unit Botox injection at the corner of each brow.

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